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Supporting Vision Health: Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario’s Services in HWCDSB

In the HWCDSB, we utilize Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario’s (VLRO) certified specialists to work with blind and low vision students within our schools. VLRO’s services are operated and funded by the Government of Ontario through Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks and are free to families outside of school. They are Ontario’s leading provider of rehabilitation therapy for people with vision loss. They offer services and support to enhance your child’s independence, safety and mobility.

In the home environment, VLRO offers a range of services to support students with vision loss. They conduct functional assessments and employ teaching strategies to help students maximize their remaining sight. Additionally, VLRO provides specialized magnifiers and guidance on utilizing contrast and lighting effectively.

In terms of essential skills for daily living, VLRO comes to the home and teaches students safe methods for tasks like cooking, labeling medication, and organizing their homes. They also introduce useful tools such as large-print, braille, and audio products, as well as assistive technology.

When it comes to services for children and families, VLRO assists preschool and school-aged children in their home and neighbourhood in developing crucial skills and connects parents with valuable resources to support their child with vision loss. VLRO also provides travel and mobility instruction, teaching students techniques to navigate independently by utilizing their remaining vision and senses, using white canes, and utilizing public transit.

Finally, VLRO offers assistive technology services, including personalized assessments and guidance on effectively using assistive technologies outside of school. They also inform students and families about financial support options available through the Ontario Assistive Device Program.

Through HWCDSB’s partnership with VLRO, we prioritize the success and well-being of students with vision loss and we empower students to overcome challenges and thrive both in the school and at home. Together, we support vision health and inclusive education.

If you or your child needs support from Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario, please use the referral below: ...

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Written by: Sarah Colby
Specialist Teacher for Blind, Deaf and Deafblind Students
Student Support Service Department
Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

Supporting Vision Health: Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario’s Services in HWCDSB